# Tools

Caliban comes with a module called caliban-tools that exposes some useful features:

  • all the code generation features from caliban-codegen-sbt, so that you can use them without sbt: see caliban.tools.Codegen.
  • a client for GraphQL introspection: see caliban.tools.IntrospectionClient.
  • utilities for stitching GraphQL schemas.
  • a way to compare GraphQL schemas, whether they come from Caliban or a remote server, see below.

# Dependency

libraryDependencies += "com.github.ghostdogpr" %% "caliban-tools" % "1.1.1"

# Schema comparison

The object caliban.tools.SchemaComparison exposes a compare function that compares 2 schemas from different origins. It takes 2 SchemaLoader as arguments, which you can build with one of the following constructors:

  • fromCaliban: pass your GraphQL object from Caliban
  • fromFile: pass the path to a file containing your schema in the GraphQL IDL
  • fromString: pass a string containing your schema in the GraphQL IDL
  • fromIntrospection: pass the URL of a GraphQL server supporting introspection

The output of compare is a Task[List[SchemaComparisonChange]], with SchemaComparisonChange being a sealed trait representing the various kinds of changes. SchemaComparisonChange#breaking indicates if the change is breaking, such as removing a field or a type. SchemaComparisonChange#toString will return a nice description of the change.

The following example will compare the schema obtained by Caliban with a schema defined in a string and print the differences.

import caliban.GraphQL.graphQL
import caliban.RootResolver
import caliban.tools._
import zio.UIO

// schema from String
val schema: String =
  type Hero {
    name(pad: Int!): String!
    nick: String!
    bday: Int
  type Query {
    hero: Hero!

// schema from Caliban
case class NameArgs(pad: Int)
case class Hero(name: NameArgs => String, nick: String, bday: Option[Int])
case class Query(hero: Hero)

val api = graphQL(RootResolver(Query(Hero(_ => "name", "nick", None))))

for {
  diff <- SchemaComparison.compare(SchemaLoader.fromString(schema), SchemaLoader.fromCaliban(api))
  _    <- UIO(println(diff.mkString("\n")))
} yield ()